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Are we finally going to talk about this scene? The prison break? Where Kurse releases all the others from their cells…and then he comes to Loki’s cell…and they look at each other….seizing each other up…and then Kurse is like “fuck this, I’m not gonna release this psycopath, he is way too dangerous and would just cross my plans”…and walks away?

Even Malekith’s henchman is smart enough to not set Loki free.

Ok, I want to set this out there because I’ve seen this theory many times. Although it is possible that Kurse left him in there because he’s too crazy its highly doubtful. Yes, Loki give him a stare that even from an indirect angle makes me cringe, but that’s not the only thing Kurse is taking in.

First Kurse doesn’t know Loki, he and the other dark elves have been asleep for centuries. He doesn’t know he’s a psychopath.

Secondly, Kurse smirks at this point, as if Loki doesn’t look dangerous enough to look out. And of course he doesn’t! He is nicely dressed, calm, and has luxuries of a cell. Admit it, in his little slippers does Loki really look threatening?

Thirdly, Loki isn’t part of Kurse’s gang. Kurse comes in with certain people and he’s leaving with certain people, not the whole prison. He only let the other prisoners out in order to cause mayhem and distraction. ON TOP OF THAT, if he knew Loki was the God of Mischief then the would have let him out first!

It’s more likely that he left Loki because he WON’T help Kurse. Which is why he leaves him, it’s insulting to Loki to be left there and thought of as not worthy enough to help. (Which Tom portrays beautifully in this scene the shock and insult it gives Loki.) AND THAT is why he tells Kurse which direction to go, to prove that he might be helpful. And why Kurse turns around to do a double take. He does ponder on if he misjudged Loki, but has bigger things to handle. Still he doesn’t go and get Loki. Its not that he thinks he’s powerful enough, its that he thinks he isn’t powerful at all. A bitter insult to the man who actually ends up killing him.

No, I disagree. If Kurse had found him to be without power, like all the other prisoners he let out of their cells, then he would have let Loki out as well. One more person to add to the mayhem. 

Instead, what passes between them is a look of mutual recognition. Kurse may not know who Loki is, or that he is the God of Mischief or a psychopath, but he clearly recognises evil when he sees it. And vice versa. 

And Kurse decides that releasing this particular prisoner would only cause problems for him…problems he isn’t willing to handle, because he is on a mission.

And then Loki tells Kurse the shortest way to the force field generator to prove that he is an enemy of Asgard. He is already thinking ten steps ahead. And lo and behold - later on it does give him credibility before Malekith.

But no - Kurse does not think Loki without power. Right contrary - he recognises that this particular prisoner is very powerful and very dangerous, and he simply doesn’t have the time or the will to deal with the fallout of releasing him. 

I think Tom mentions it in the Empire spoiler interview podcast that it is Kurse realizing Loki is too dangerous to let out. Of course Tom would say that he is no.1 Loki fan.

Yes, Tom is indeed the one who confirmed that Kurse didn’t let Loki out because he recognized that Loki was too dangerous. That scene was them sizing each other up.

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I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.

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Guess I’ll never get tired of this…

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We gotta get these snakes off this motherfucking plane

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